Broncos safety Rahim Moore’s season ended November 2013 due to lateral compartment syndrome. According to theMMQB.com, Moore said he began to feel intense pain in his leg several hours after a game in week 11. Moore said that his leg did not feel right during warm-ups, but eventually caused him to leave the game during the second quarter. Compartment syndrome is a painful condition that occurs when pressure builds in the muscles to dangerous levels. Typically this pressure can decrease blood flow, which, ultimately, decreases nourishment and oxygen getting to nerve and muscle cells.


Acute compartment syndrome, which is what Rahim Moore experienced, is a medical emergency. Usually it is caused by a severe injury. What is most interesting about Moore’s case is that he never had an injury leading up to this event. He underwent surgery the following day after the game to relieve the lateral compartment syndrome. Doctors told Moore that had he waited to come in until noon on Monday, they would have had to amputate. Any longer than that and he could have died. In acute compartment syndrome, permanent disability and tissue death can occur if the pressure is not relieved immediately.

As mentioned, acute compartment syndrome usually occurs after a severe injury, such as, a fracture or badly bruised bone, for example. Symptoms will include, intense pain, tingling or burning in the skin, tightness or fullness in the muscle, numbness or paralysis can be a late sign indicating permanent tissue injury. There is no effective nonsurgical treatment for acute compartment syndrome. Surgery is a must! An incision is made, cutting the skin and fascia covering the affected compartment, lateral in the case of Rahim Moore. The procedure is called a fasciotomy. There are times when the swelling is so severe the incision cannot be closed immediately. A skin graft may be necessary in this case.


Moore needed two procedures to clean out dead tissue and relieve the pressure in his leg. It took until January for him to begin running. While therahim-moore-storyimage-960re is a chance that the compartment syndrome could return, presently, Moore appears to be healthy and ready to return to the field for the upcoming season.








Provided by the Primus Sports Medicine Staff