Dr. Primus’ first thought when he heard that Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder wouldn’t play in the NFL Wildcard playoff game was “devastating ligament injury.”  Dr. Primus tweeted: “Ponder’s elbow injury must be devastating to cause deactivation. Most likely related to ligament injury with affected ability to throw.”  


Dr. Primus discusses the circumstances surrounding Ponders Injury:

Christian Ponder sustained a devastating elbow injury last week when his elbow got smashed between the turf and a big hit. One report claims he may have a triceps tendon bruise. The triceps is the big muscle in back of the arm that straightens the arm out. It attaches on the bony point in the back of the elbow.

As a quarter back, he relies on this tendon to have throwing velocity and accuracy. If the attachment of the tendon to bone is too swollen and painful, it can be very difficult to bend or straighten the arm, and very difficult to throw at the level needed for the Wild Card game. We will see how this all unfolds…