Questions will now arise regarding the knee injury of RGIII. After his first quarter brilliance that lead to two straight touchdowns, it was all downhill for him, and the entire Redskin team, leading to their 24 to 14 defeat. In terms of his questionable knee diagnosis, we won’t know until the official report from the organization is released, but I will offer some thoughts on what I believe was a MCL strain.

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The Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) is the main stabilizing ligament on the inside of the knee. It is required for high impact and pivot type sports. The MCL is a complex ligament made up of two layers. Unlike the ACL, the MCL does have the ability to heal itself. If the injury is recognized early enough and adequately protected, usually with bracing, the ligament can heal enough to allow an athlete to resume their pre-injury activity level. If the ligament stretches out too much, either because of the initial injury or not allowing enough time and protection to heal, the knee may have continued looseness or instability.

In the worst scenario with RGIII, he has a loose MCL ligament that doesn’t allow him to have the same push off that he ┬áhad before the injury. He may elect surgery to reconstruct the ligament and undergo a four to six month recovery ( Not like an ACL ligament which may require a full eight to twelve month recovery.) It would be expected for him to have a full and speedy recovery and return back 100% in this most extreme situation. In the best scenario, he just has a persistent and nagging MCL strain with very little looseness, and he just needs a little time off to allow for complete healing.

In any event, RGIII had one of the best rookie QB years ever and we are wishing him the best and a speedy recovery!!!