Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics injured his leg in a game this past Friday.  The injury that was first thought to be a minor tweak, turned out to be an ACL injury thus ending an outstanding season for the point guard.  Rondo is the engine that makes the Celtics go, and without him, the Celtics chances of making some noise in the playoffs are very slim.  Rondo, being the warrior that he is, was still in coach Doc Rivers Line up for Sundays game until after the shoot around..  Coach rivers was informed that Rondo had to be scratched from the game and subsequently done for the season if not more. Rajon Ronda Injury Coach Rivers waited until after the game to tell his team of Rondo’s injury.  The Celtics played inspired basketball without their point guard and beat the Miami Heat, but the news began to spread quickly following the game as Paul Pierce was informed of the status of Rondo’s injury at his Live post game interview.  Surgery will be scheduled as early as possible as the rehab process will be monitored from afar.  The good news for Rondo is that a high profiled athlete name Adrian Peterson suffered a similar type injury and came back the following year to become the best running back in the NFL.  If you have questions about Rondo’s injury please submit them to Dr. Primus through our contact us page.